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Port of Odessa

The port is equipped with modern facilities and cargo transfer machinery to enable the transfer of import cargoes: raw sugar in bulk; citrus fruits, bananas and other cargoes packed in bags, boxes, packages, big bags, barrels, or containers; export cargoes: ferrous and non-ferrous metals; cargoes in containers; chemical fertilizers in bulk and packed; paper, grain in bulk and packed. It can take large passenger cruise liners, and has the most modern passenger terminal in the Black Sea, which handles up to 4 million passengers a year.

Port of Ilyichevsk

The port features specialized cargo facilities:

  • liquid cargoes terminal for handling liquid fertilizers, liquid caustic soda and vegetable oils;
  • sheltered terminal for storage and transfer of mineral fertilizers in bulk;
  • grain cargoes transfer terminal;
  • railway ferry terminal for servicing the lines Ilyichevsk-Varna (Bulgaria), Ilyichevsk-Poti (Georgia);
  • RO-RO terminal for handling vehicles and TIR trucks
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